Saturday, December 15, 2007

the US is not the US I grew up in

We torture people now. The president supports it. Congress is too wimpy to stop it.
When I was growing up all the movies made it clear that it was the Enemy who tortured. Never us. That was one way you could tell we were the Good Guys.
Then my step father told a few things about his work as in intelligence specialist in the Green Berets in Vietnam and Laos. This was definitely torture. In fact, I'd say it was sadistic torture. So, maybe what the movies were showing was what we wanted to appear to be, not what we really were. It was at least our policy not to torture.
But now even our elected officials, and those running for office, support torture. They might not call it that, maybe they call it "enhanced interrogation methods" or something, but it's torture.
Things are changing for the worse in my country. I don't like it. I've gone to the streets to protest. And I'm trying to figure out what else can be done to change this de-evolution of the United States.

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