Friday, August 25, 2017

What are smart cities up to?

This looks like a great series;

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Build housing for the poor, not the rich

"So how do we get housing into the hands of the poor? Imagine a Venn Diagram: In one circle is empty housing built for and/or owned by the upper classes, and in the other is everyone who needs housing. The answer is obvious. Merge the two circles by giving the vacant housing and land owned by the rich to the poor. The problem is there’s little political will in hyper-capitalist economies to take over privately owned land. But as the housing crisis continues, that’s changing.
In June, after the London public housing project Grenfell Tower in London caught fire, killing dozens, Jeremy Corbyn proposed taking over the unoccupied apartments of the rich and giving them to the victims of Grenfell. People applauded the City of London for buying up unfinished luxury housing complexes to house Grenfell’s victims. It was a small sign that housing redistribution is becoming politically palatable."

Pretty drastic idea.  But the point is valid; the rich hold land they're not really using except as an investment, while many homeless cannot find a place to live.  I would think if tax laws were changed this could alter the situation.