Friday, November 11, 2011

will it be a passive or an active future? OWS might help answer this

There is so much good coming. We're moving away from polluting oil.  Computers can do dazzling things never dreamed of. The Internet unites us more and more. 

But at the same time, we seem to be dragging down.  Our economies are crap.  Politicians are stuck in their brainwashed divisive one-way thinking that has screeched our government nearly to a halt.  Corporations, whose sole job is to suck money from society, have gained personhood. Financial institutions are so greedy and broken that they will risk long-term financial meltdown for short-term gain (and thus, our financial meltdown).

This dichotomy really bothers me.  Which will the future succumb to, the cool good stuff or the stifling, destructive bad stuff? 

Occupy Wall Street is that movement that hollers and complains that things, LOTS of things, are going wrong.  OWS says we need to work on this stuff NOW.  We need to work out how to stop the things the are sucking us into oblivion. We need to give those bright lights that shine on a better future the boost they need. 

So OWS does have an agenda. They want politicians to put people and community ahead of ideology and party.  They want corporations to treat employees, customers, and this world as being above the almighty buck.  They want banks to be servants of the community rather than destroyers of lives.   And they want people who think this is all impossible to wake up.

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