Monday, December 12, 2011

Defunding our schools is not how to improve the economy

"Rappaport's ruling concludes a five-week trial in one of the most provocative education lawsuits in Colorado's history. Lobato v. State of Colorado was filed in 2005, arguing that the state's education system is unconstitutional, by failing to comply with a clause in the state constution that calls for a 'thorough and uniform system of free public schools throughout the state.'"

The U.S. and states have been designed to stress education as one of the most important parts of government duty.  And yet, as here in South Dakota, education takes a big whack whenever the economy suffers.  It's yet another case of the people wanting something that they don't want to pay for.

I just don't see how crippling our education system will help anyone, or any economy.  Without qualified workers and educated voters there's not much hope for a society like ours.  It will turn into something else.

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