Wednesday, January 11, 2012

free land

"Meadow lark Cooperative – Located a few miles south of I-70 and Agate. With 60 acres of donated land, a couple from Arvada [Colorado] has started the Meadowlark Cooperative and they’re giving away parcels of property for free. Aaron Brachfeld and Mary Choate say with job loss and widespread foreclosures, this future town could be the answer to freedom for a lot of people.

 There is a Remote Recreational Cabin Sites program [Alaska] where an applicant is allowed to stake a parcel of land in a designated remote staking area for recreational use. The parcels are leased for a limited length of time and purchased at fair market value after the completion of a survey and appraisal.

The Manilla [Iowa] Economic Development Corporation offers 15 new single family lots in the New Sunrise Addition Phase II at no cost to qualified individuals or entities that build a new single family residence subject to certain conditions. More info. "

There's always a catch, but it's an interesting article, and you might just fit in to one of these places.

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