Friday, February 17, 2012

long-term thinking needed now!

"The former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management put forward five key actions which he hoped would revive the discussion on how to clean up capitalism and put companies, investors and stakeholders on the path towards long-term, sustainable profit.
These include ending quarterly earnings guidance from companies, which the authors said incentivized executives and investors to base decisions on short-term factors at the expense of longer-term objectives.
Companies have also been encouraged to integrate financial reporting with insight on environmental, social and governance policy so investors can clearly see how performance in the latter can contribute to the former."

Wow!  People are starting to imagine an economy that works!  Long-term thinking, concern about other aspects than the bottom line.  I hope this is a trend!

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andrewvecsey said...

Proposal for a 1000 year project for Riggisberg cemetery in Switzerland to propose long term thinking. See YouTube video "Cemeteries and how to give them a life, Simplified".