Friday, February 24, 2012

loyalty vs. leverage; the changing world of employment

"It was no longer about loyalty; it was about leverage.
Do your job well, or at least make it look like you did. Leverage that into a better package from another company, one that has a pool table. After thirteen months there, leverage that into still another job, this time someplace with an arcade in the lunch room. And keep doing that the rest of your life, because three years with one company is an eternity, and you need to go with whoever has the best 401k plan because god knows you are NOT going to get a pension. Besides union jobs, who has those today, anyway?"

This is a pretty insightful post about the difference between our parents' work experience and ours.  Before it was find an employer where you fit and you're there until you get your gold watch.  Now it's keep moving and try to go up the ladder with every new employer.  No loyalty there, just taking advantage of opportunity.

Personally I think the entire system is in need of change.  I'm not sure what that should look like though.

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