Sunday, March 25, 2012

Traffic jams waste tons of fuel

"Traffic congestion costs drivers more than $100 billion annually in wasted fuel and lost time, according to the report released Friday.
The report — released in support of President Obama's plan to upgrade and expand America's transportation infrastructure in fiscal year 2013 — comes as Republican presidential candidates criticize Obama for high gasoline prices and his administration and the Senate wrestles with House Republicans over a new transportation bill."

 One of the more important findings of this report is that "For 90% of Americans, the report says, transportation costs absorb $1 of every $7 of income."  that's quite a bit of money. I'd like to see what Londoners or Parisians pay as comparison.  Fortunately, "During the past 15 years, there was a sharp increase in transit system ridership from nearly 8 billion in 1996 to 10.4 billion in 2011."  I remember the mass transit system in phoenix was fought as being a complete waste, yet today it is widely used and saves congestion (


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