Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is the US making the same mistake as the Soviet Union?

"I rest my case. America systematically subordinates its economic interests to achieve geopolitical objectives. What it should do is give back the military bases and go for the exports, and for greatly increased domestic production."

"The US is suffering declining economic competiveness: we have a big trade deficit, we are heavily in debt to China and to the rest of the world. Our major source of international power is not economic, it's military. We are actually a lot like the former Soviet Union: the USSR didn't collapse because it lacked military strength, it collapsed because it lacked economic strength. The same things are now happening to the US"

"As it considers steep cuts to domestic programs in an effort to slash the deficit, the House is set to consider a defense spending bill on Wednesday that increases the Pentagon's budget by $17 billion."

I was looking for a recent article where the Republicans in the House wanted to increase defense spending even more than the Pentagon wanted!  Consider what a huge percentage of our budget goes to the military already, more than all other militaries combined.  What are we doing?

Ronald Reagan lovers argue that Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union by making them overspend on their military. Is that what we are doing now?  Why are our overseas military alliances worth more than shoring up our own economy?  I see no rational reason for this whatsoever.

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