Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is free public transportation the way to go?


"Estonians in the capital city of Talinn are soon to benefit from the arrival of free public transport.
It is the first EU capital to make the shift and is part of a green platform adopted by Talinn's mayor, Edgar Savisaar.
However, not everyone thinks the move will get cars off the road. The opposition fume that the idea is less about a clean environment and more about political opportunism."

Generally public transportation is pretty cheap anyway.  Here in Rapid City it's $30 a month for an unlimited-ride pass.  I doubt that many more people would ride it because it's any cheaper than that.  But it could save a little on administrating the passes I guess.  File me as unconvinced so far.

I see also that Montreal gives you a year of free public transportation if you turn in an old car.

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