Friday, January 25, 2013

Tiny apartments the new trend

"New Yorkers are famous for their teeny apartments, but a new trend in dwelling seeks to transform those tiny spaces into big assets. They're called "micro apartments," and they make a few hundred square feet feel like over a thousand.
Fold-away beds, moveable walls, and coffee tables that expand to seat 10 for dinner are just a few of the clever touches that transform these shoe boxes into veritable mini-mansions."

Our cabin in the Black Hills ghost town is about 400 square feet, plus an outhouse.  For one person I could imagine it's ok, but not for two.

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Bianca Pascuchelli said...

Definitely. Tiny apartments are becoming the new trend actually because big cities have no more space for so many buildings therefor new constructions are made with very small apartments so that man can fit in one floor. The only place I haven´t heard that is happening is Argentina. I heard that if you get a Buenos Aires rent they give you a huge flat, with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. And kitchens there are not all integrated! It is good that they have not started this tiny apartment trend, isn´t it?