Friday, August 2, 2013

Micro-homes for the homeless. Can't we do better than that?

"Gary Pickering has developed several portable 'micro-houses' to help Utah's homeless survive harsh conditions such as winter weather. He plans to donate some of these low-cost "survival pods" to a Utah County homelessness charity, KSL Utah reports.
Pickering told KSL in an interview that he is not looking to profit off of the shelters. Instead, he is trying to help the homeless and promote awareness so that others will follow his example."

I dunno. Maybe it's me, but I think we can do a tad better than this.  Like, maybe, a tiny apartment with a bathroom?  Maybe tax the rich .001% to pay for it?  We seem to be going back to the day that the poor have no option but to live in the streets and beg for pennies.  I don't like it.

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Chanel said...

This is awesome!