Monday, May 9, 2011

Nice talk on how our education system needs to change

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jana said...

While I agree with the conclusions of examining the aesthetic existence, education as social and leading to awakening rather than deadening and numbing, it is curious that these business folks blame education's problems on some mysterious "education gene" rather than drawing the further connection between the Enlightenment, privileging logic over emotion, and big business designing education to serve its own ends, e.g., profit and human capital.

Also a bit troubling are the sexist and racist stereotypes presented: all characters are white and male until the narrator wishes to undermine opinions (note the psychologist is female), and the confused students are female, and even while supposedly promoting arts and culture, the way these are communicated are with cartoon stereotypes of "other" cultures.

Sometimes I wonder if bigotry and discrimination all comes down to sadness, the white male loss of culture/emotion? What does it mean to be "white"? What does it mean to be generic? In a way it's a privilege, but in a way it's a loss, isn't it?

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