Saturday, July 7, 2012

Professors produce free text books for college! Free classes!

"The rising cost of textbooks—along with the rise of easy-to-use publishing tools online—has helped drive the popularity of open-source materials and professors’ taking a do-it-yourself approach to textbook publishing. Here are three professors who wrote their own textbooks and are distributing them free."

Now how come I never had a professor like that?  My books were generally $50 to $100, and at the end of the semester I could sell them for maybe $10 to $20.  What a ripoff.  But these professors have seen the plight of their students and are trying to help where the universities themselves are not.

Here's a nice person who has made a list of university classes you can take for free.

So, as tuition costs increase beyond the reach of most people, some are fighting back.

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