Monday, October 14, 2013

how does a guaranteed base income sound? Switzerland might try it.

"Here's a deal: Each month the Swiss government will send every adult a check for about 2,500 swiss francs (roughly $2,750) — no matter their need or income."

"In recent studies in Africa and India, Widerquist said giving people unconditional monetary gifts often increases labor.
'A basic income, in a way, frees you to improve your skills and your efforts and do something that actually makes a bigger contribution to economy,' he says. "

My concern of late has been that so many things being done for free now used to be only done by people as their "job."  Why should people who do good things just because they want to not be paid, while people who have a title indicating that's what they do get paid to do it?  Same result, different incentive. 

If there was a liveable base income for every person and/or family, there would be no need for any unemployment or sustenance programs.  Imagine what that would save right there.

So I don't think it's a dumb idea.

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