Monday, April 11, 2016

Architects helping to fix the world

Activate14 is an outreach initiative of AIA North Carolina and the Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD) to strengthen the civic role of architecture and design in our community. 
Our goals are to
  1. Promote the Center for Architecture and Design as a public resource.
  2. Engage architects, artists, and designers in exploring “big picture” questions.
  3. Convene the public around environmental and social issues.
Our initial goal was to activate the Center, located at 14 E Peace Street – hence the name, Activate14.
We organize and host events at CfAD that marry architecture, design and the public. Each event is a call to action for those interested in building community and designed to empower people to make a difference in shaping the world around them."

It takes input from all areas of life to help improve things.

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