Tuesday, October 31, 2017

some interesting results from basic income test in Finland


"So what accounted for his change? Certainly not the UBI money. In Finland, €560 is less than a fifth of average private-sector income. 'You have to be a magician to survive on such money,' Järvinen says. Over and over, he baldly describes himself as 'poor'.
His liberation came in the lack of conditions attached to the money. If they so wish, Finns on UBI can bank the cash and do nothing else. But, in Järvinen’s case at least, the sum has removed the fear of utter destitution, freeing him to do work he finds meaningful.
It sounds simple. It is simple. But to this visitor from Austerity Britain, with its inglorious panoply of welfare scandals stretching from universal credit to Concentrix to Atos, it was almost fantastical."

I think this is a 2 year experiment. I'm looking forward to other interesting results.

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