Monday, March 14, 2022

Oligarchs having a hard time hiding

 It's amazing to see how the tide has suddenly turned for Russian oligarchs.  But it's not just the Ukraine war that is causing problems for them.  Our entire world is changing in how money and things can no longer be hidden:

* lets anybody follow where oligarch's private jets run around to

* does the same for their multi-million dollar yachts

* The Pandora Papers, the Panama Papers, and other leaks from private trusts around the world that once secretly held their money are suddenly leaking information like a sieve

* people are beginning to understand that ill-gotten money soaked up by the oligarchs means less for everybody else

* and of course the Ukraine war puts the spotlight on those few who helped Putin siphon billions from the Russian economy for himself and his cronies

It won't be an easy time for the super-rich in the near future.  They may weather these changes somehow but I hope not.

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