Monday, April 10, 2023

We can live without cars!


"If there was efficient mass transit so that everyone can sort of theoretically get around, I would say [that] is pretty close to what is in place in Europe," Fulton told Salon, where Europeans have managed to maintain a functioning society despite using cars far less often than Americans.

Yet Europe is still an imperfect example because even there, automobiles are so ubiquitous that they still consume a large chunk of transportation time. The key difference is that while Americans overwhelmingly rely on cars to get around, Europeans have an infrastructure that mixes cars more robustly with alternatives like buses, trains, bicycling and even walking. Fulton noted that the environmental situation in Europe is better than that in America because Europeans rely less on cars, which suggests that there are lessons from their experience.

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This is a good article that goes into many advantages of reducing our reliance on cars, such as the environment, job advancement, etc.  It can be done as other countries have already shown.



Anonymous said...

It's truly important to look into the motives of reducing the use of cars.

Keep in mind that the 15-min. city-plan, or 40-city plan, wants to remove traffic roads in cities, changing them in green natural zones for pedestrians, and strollers at leisure, with trees, and benches to sit on.

London businesses protested heavily, seeing their income in smithereens, and nightly escapades began, of youngsters climbing to the cameras, covering them with plastic shopping bags.

Strangely enough, there's a target for replacing all petrol driven cars by electric cars, in European Union minds. Remember the target years, Agenda 2021 2024/2025 and 2030?

Britain is the canary in the mine right now, with the population forced, with pressure, to obey to 15-min. cities/villages, and the digital pound.

Apart from the burden on the child-mineworkers' shoulders, mining the material for the e-car batteries, the electric grid doesn't offer the supply for that enormous rise in number of e-cars.

I believe that the entire climate change goals, the arguments, and targets tie in with the
book Claus Schwab has publushed: Covid-19 The Great Reset.

Anonymous said...

Here's the book I mentioned in my former comment.