Sunday, December 24, 2023

More on universal income experiments


"Their findings cover the first two years of the effort and compare the outcomes for about 5,000 people who got the monthly payments to nearly 12,000 others in a control group who got no money. But, just as significantly, the researchers also compared the recipients to people in two other categories: nearly 9,000 who received the monthly income for just two years, without the promise of another decade of payments afterward; and another roughly 9,000 people who got that same two years’ worth of income but in a lump-sum payment."

Conclusions so far: 

1. Giving cash aid in a lump sum has some major advantages over parceling it out.

2. Lump sums are so useful that even those who didn’t get them have banded together to create their own version.

3. Making the benefit ‘universal’ – by paying every adult in the village – seems to have greatly increased the impact.

4. The grants did not seem to fuel inflation

5. The big remaining question is whether the benefits of lump-sum payments actually last.    



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